Bang a Drum by Fian Perdana

Bang a Drum Fian Perdana cover art

This song is a cover version of Jon Bon Jovi's Bang a Drum; a song that aims at encouraging people to cherish whatever condition or moment of life they're in. Fian Perdana got inspired this much by the song lyrics, and he brings new nuance to this inspiring song with the acoustic touch. It makes the song becomes one of the easy-listening songs to make a day. The music composition somehow proves that even a pop-rock song with a powerful message can be sung in such a cozy way. This version is definitely recommended to be listened to by more people who need encouragement in living their challenging lives. Indeed, living the lyrics will be a motivation to keep moving forward in a real-life battle.

Bang a Drum by Fian Perdana is officially released on 1 Jan 1990 by Netrilis and independently selected by our editors.
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