Gie's Inspiring Music Creation in Lazing around

Well, the term “lazy” indeed can be interpreted by the forerunner to their songwriting "Sendiri Menikmatimu", "Jarak", "Cinta Kembang Api" and the other songs of Gie’s masterpieces. You can try to listen to the details in the track entitled “Kamar Malas” with the same album title.

#DidYouKnow, Gie’s genre was Jazz in their early journey. They even already had three wonderful songs, but they did not release those songs to the public. Then in 2013, they changed their direction to Blues, and it lasts until today. Gie once released EP "Kopi Blues" physically and got it bundled with kopi bubuk (coffee powder; which has a literal meaning with the album’s title). Their music is often said to have the same type as Ipang Lazuardi’s Soundtrack version, and it turns out that there is indeed a Gie song featuring Dede Kumala, the guitarist and music producer of Ipang Lazuardi. 

Gie first launched their music to the public in 2015, which was "Kopi Blues". Until 2023, Gie has released 12 songs, including Singles, EP, Album, and Versions in which some of the songs were released in CDs, and the digital version is distributed in collaboration with Netrilis. You can check the complete Discography on their Spotify Profile:

Getting back to the past time, Gie was named "Gie Generation" with the Jazz genre at first. Even though they claimed that it was not part of their history, most of their members in the earlier version of Gie were the ones we know as Gie today.

As time went by, after several personnel changes, the latest Gie squad now is Gatra Laringal, Yulius Wimar, Denny Kurniawan, Subangkit, and Anak Chakti. They are still actively performing on various gigs and producing new songs, nevertheless they live in different cities.

You can follow the performance schedule information and new releases of Gie on their website, and also from their social media: