Netrilis Launched a Music Award on the 8th Anniversary

Netrilis Launched a Music Award on the 8th Anniversary

Netrilis celebrated their 8th year's journey in contributing to the Indonesian music industry last September 2023. Their main contribution is particularly in releasing music from Indonesian musicians to numerous digital music platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Joox, TikTok, and many more.

To cherish their 8th year anniversary, this aggregator based in the Special Region of Yogyakarta launched a music award called “Netrilis Awards 2023”. Netrilis announced there were 64 selected music from their discography that have reached more than 28.000 songs in the middle of 2023.  

There were 8 across-genres categories of this first music award, in which the nominations and winners were determined internally with distinct indicators including total streams (such as Spotify, Apple Music), downloads (iTunes & Amazon Music), the use of sounds (on YouTube, TikTok, Facebook & Instagram), which then was curated from the editorial team perspectives.

Here are the song titles and the winner names of the Netrilis Awards 2023:

  • “Aku, Kamu Dan Samudra” - Rebellion Rose
    The most appreciated original music on the streaming platforms and downloads
  • “Al I'tirof” - Aishwa Nahla Karnadi feat. Abi Nahla
    The most used songs by content creators on social media platforms
  • “Jaga Mata Jaga Hati” - DJ Qhelfin
    The number one music from the most inspiring musicians based on their productivity
  • “Menepi” - Regita Echa
    The most appreciated cover version of music on streams and downloads 
  • “Sayang Beli” - Tika Pagraky
    The most Indonesia local representing song
  • “Orang Batak” - Wawan Teamlo
    The number one music of the national scale musician
  • “Kelinciku” - Jocelyn Fidelia Yapni
    Music from musicians perpetuating the musicality of Indonesian children’s music
  • “Genesis Mahakarya Dunia” - Taruna Nusantara XXVII
    The most representative song of community and organization symbol
Netrilis stated that the Netrilis Music Awards aim at acknowledging the musicians' achievement with their work in music. To capture the moment, Netrilis showed their appreciation by awarding the physical certificate in a plaque to 8 winners as the symbol of recognition. 

Later, the Netrilis Music Awards will be held annually. The announcement of winners will be released around mid to the end of the year. 

To see the complete list of the Netrilis Awards 2023, please visit the official website:

Arunika by Call Me Monstr

Arunika by Call Me Monstr

Arunika Call Me Monstr cover art

The song Arunika by Call Me Monstr is a fresh and unique piece that showcases the beauty of music beyond mere lyrics. It blends alternative rock and cinematic elements to create an emotional experience that inspires listeners. The fact that it is difficult to create minimal lyrics that evoke emotions only adds to the beauty of this song.

Arunika by Call Me Monstr is officially released on 10 Oct 2023 by Netrilis and independently selected by our editors.
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