Kita by Havinhell

Kita Havinhell cover art

Havinhell never fails to amaze theor fans for every new release they have. This time, another work of love has come out: Kita. To many people, friendship is something precious to keep and cherish. Youth and all the wild experiences will never be forgotten and will be a unique story to tell, and this is a song that can bring its listeners to recall the good times they spent with their friends long before their busy lives and distance separated them. Havinhell's character with each member's warm personality really roll out in this track. The music and the lyrics are easy to catch, and somehow, everyone who listens to it feels like they are singing it for their best friend. This song will be a sweet gift to express our feelings to our good friends, thanking their present that colors our life with every moment well spent.

Kita by Havinhell is officially released on 11 Mar 2022 by Netrilis and independently selected by our editors.
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