Menua Bersama by Muhammad Eri feat Leilamaulidina

Menua Bersama Muhammad Eri feat Leilamaulidina cover art

Menua Bersama is a pop love song that presents Indonesian nostalgic vintage music characteristics sung by Muhammad Eri feat Leilamaulidina. The lead singer's voice, Eri, is bold yet presents the Indonesian male singer’s character. The duet is in balanced harmony, making the song easy to listen to. The lyrics tell a tale about nurturing a relationship between two lovers, expecting to grow old together. This kind of genre somehow has a large number of listeners, for sure. The music is easy-catching, light, and energic, with a high-pitch vintage voice duet partner. This will draw its group of listeners as it makes them feel like they are listening to an old nostalgic song from the 90s with a modern touch somehow.

Menua Bersama by Muhammad Eri feat Leilamaulidina is officially released on 7 May 2022 by Netrilis and independently selected by our editors.
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