Bersinarlah by Heidy Diana

Bersinarlah Heidy Diana cover art

Bersinarlah just as its translation: shine on, is a gospel song to glorify Jesus Christ. Heidy Diana is not a newcomer Indonesian singer, indeed. She already has her popular albums and singles with loyal listeners from the 80s generation. This time, the song she delivers is typical of the Christian gospel, but the music presents a vintage nuance like Indonesian nostalgic songs: pop country. Just as the era has evolved, Heidy Diana also fights for her existence to present a new taste in music. For those longing for a classy gospel from an Indonesian singer, this touch of music will refresh listeners from all generations, and is recommended to add your gospel playlist to your music closet, for sure.

Bersinarlah by Heidy Diana is officially released on 12 Oct 2022 by Netrilis and independently selected by our editors.
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