Halau by Orang Biasa x Daya Tempur

Halau Orang Biasa, Daya Tempur cover art

As Surabaya is a city where Indonesian modern rock is from, this handpick is one of those hidden gems we can give to you. Halau is a rock song with a local taste, very Indonesia, which makes this song unique and distinct. The lyrics are so powerful, spreading much energy for its listeners to dispel negativity around. Well, everyone deserves to live the kind of life they dream to have, the positive and realistic one. Therefore, Halau is a fresh piece of art that is worth knowing and listening to Indonesian rock enthusiasts in particular, and young listeners in general.

Halau by Orang Biasa, Daya Tempur is officially released on 22 Jun 2022 by Netrilis and independently selected by our editors.
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