Engkau Bersamaku by Psalms

Engkau Bersamaku Psalms cover art

Just as pop songs always have their own class of listeners, Gospel songs also have theirs. For Indonesian listeners, our new handpick is a gospel from our fresh artist which can color your selection. We recommend PsalmsEngkau Bersamaku as this new religious song praising the Lord with energetic music will encourage its listeners to live and rejoice with a grateful heart at any times or any situation they are in. Again, this music will be a perfect companion during your sacred time to tell all your burdens and blessing in life to God. We believe music can be a medium to pray and worship, and this song will be best to add to your worship palylist.

Engkau Bersamaku by Psalms is officially released on 7 Aug 2022 by Netrilis and independently selected by our editors.
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