Kursi Nostalgia by Bosandiam

Kursi Nostalgia Bosandiam cover art

Who doesn't love rock alternative? It is a kind of music that is popular in Indonesia. So, we pick a new release from Bosandiam, presenting a fresh Rock Alternative genre for you to get to know. As the title itself is about a place that brings a nostalgic memory from someone in the past, the music somehow draws its listeners to a music phase around the 90s with a modern touch. We are sure this release will have its own listeners not only from Jakarta, but also from all across South Asia. As a newcomer, this band can make the music attractive to enjoy, just another professional that we could not miss recommending.

Kursi Nostalgia by Bosandiam is officially released on 17 Aug 2022 by Netrilis and independently selected by our editors.
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