Ora Ngerteni by Riyanzzah Ariyanto

Ora Ngerteni Riyanzzah Ariyanto cover art

Ora Ngerteni is a new release from Riyanzzah Ariyanto. It is a dangdut song in the Javanese language, a genre rising recently in Indonesia. Even if it is categorized as traditional music from Indonesia, the music presented is unique. It is slowly getting beating, inviting its listeners to not only enjoy the music but also sing the lyrics as well. This song is the third single from Riyanzzah with its strong character: Dangdut. The music is so local, but surely be a magnet for global listeners. You would love this song should you be a Dangdut lover!

Ora Ngerteni by Riyanzzah Ariyanto is officially released on 20 Oct 2022 by Netrilis and independently selected by our editors.
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