Melukis Cakrawala by Yuk Belajar Seni

Melukis Cakrawala Yuk Belajar Seni cover art

This song presents traditional musical instruments from Indonesia. It brings gamelan as its musical instruments and is performed with a Jazz Fusion touch. This is a piece of unique music from creative youth who loves to build a strong bonding with Javanese culture. It is not only the music, but the lyrics also tell about Indonesia’s rich culture and arts. This song will keep being listened to and popularized by its listeners; as the active art learning community makes it. This piece of art will really support local music to stay entrenched in Indonesia. To us, this is representative of a music singularity in the modern era. What about you?

Melukis Cakrawala by Yuk Belajar Seni is officially released on 20 Nov 2022 by Netrilis and independently selected by our editors.
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