Telaga Menjer by Galang Rastiko

Telaga Menjer Galang Rastiko cover art

Telaga Menjer is a pop campursari dangdut music, a kind of popular genre in Indonesia nowadays. Galang Rastiko, the singer, is a soloist from Wonosobo, a city in Central Java. This kind of music is popular and idolized by Indonesian youth, Javanese in particular. The genre of the song is similar to Deni Caknan, Ndarboy Gank, Om Wawes, and many more. The choice of words in the lyrics is soft and sweet. The theme is about broken hearts but packed with decent musical work, making it very easy listening. The local love story is strongly presented in this song, which will be a strong character that reminds its listeners about their hometown in Java.

Telaga Menjer by Galang Rastiko is officially released on 11 Dec 2022 by Netrilis and independently selected by our editors.
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