Tetap Saja by Gie

Tetap Saja Gie cover art

Gie is back! They are putting out a new single called ‘Tetap Saja’ this March. The song is designed to be honest and unique with its typical guitar playing. This romantic song is about a one-sided love story, telling no matter how close the persons are, the girl already belongs to someone else. The music gives the vibes of being relaxed & drawn into the bitter-and-sweet moment presented in the song. This new single is dedicated to their loyal listeners since it may also be the first kick-off of their upcoming album. Try to listen to this just once, and you will fall in love with its beauty. Gie never fails to indulge their fans with such artsy music and lyrics, a perfect combination for their piece of art.

Tetap Saja by Gie is officially released on 3 Mar 2023 by Netrilis and independently selected by our editors.
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