Di Bawah Kaki Gunung by Garry Gartiwa

Di Bawah Kaki Gunung Garry Gartiwa cover art

A battle in life never fails to inspire a music creation, and Di Bawah Kaki Gunung is one of them. This song is inspired by the long journey of medical residents pursuing their dreams of being real doctors. The battle and ups and downs, somehow bring them to where they are today. Garry Gartiwa presented simple music that could really represent hopeful feelings. This can be a song for everyone fighting for their lives and dreams. This is our handpick to add to your music collection that reminds you there will always be a rainbow after the storms.

Di Bawah Kaki Gunung by Garry Gartiwa is officially released on 15 Apr 2023 by Netrilis and independently selected by our editors.
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