Gerap Gurita is The Real Figure of How Folk Music Should be

This band has proven how distance will never stop their productivity in music. Their consistency is born from passion, and it is shown in how they can produce music even when not all personnel live in the same city.

Gerap Gurita, a Celtic Punk band, was formed in 2006. They have successfully integrated the traditional music of Indonesia with Celtic Punk, creating a unique sound that was born out of courage and passion.

In 2007, Gerap Gurita released their first EP titled "Bersama Kawan Di Jogjakarta". Since then, they have created 3 EPs, 3 Albums, and 5 singles, all of which were distributed through Netrilis. You can listen to all of their music on Spotify.

Gerap Gurita has gone through many ups and downs. In 2006, they attempted to record two indie soul tracks called "Bersama Lagi" and "Menang Tanpa Tikaman", which were then distributed for free. 

The Mahones and Flogging Molly have influenced Gerap Gurita's taste in music. They have gradually gained the confidence to perform their own songs on various stages. Remarkably, a compilation of Gerap Gurita's songs became part of Kampret Rec's releases in Jakarta around 2007 to 2009.

As time went by, there were personnel changes, but this never diminished their identity. This band has managed to remain active and productive to this day, thanks to its dedicated members. These talented musicians, Anom Rokhi, Indra Saptono, and Dandun Tejo, are set to take the stage until early 2024, bringing their unique sound and vibrant energy to audiences everywhere. 

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