Jogjakarta by Topan Murdox

Jogjakarta Topan Murdox cover art

After being released in a band version, this time Jogjakarta is sung with a different vibe that will bring nostalgia about this special place in Indonesia. The lyrics tell this proud feeling of growing up and being part of this memorable city. Jogjakarta is really iconic and unforgettable to many Indonesian listeners who once visit or live in it. This city has become a magnet for thousands of people who have been visiting Jogjakarta before; bringing the feeling of wanting to stay or come back again someday. And this song really pictures this feeling perfectly. What is unique about this song is the touch of the tin whistle in the acoustic instrument makes this song unique, special, and surely will recall all dazzling yet vivid memories for its listeners who long for all the things about Jogjakarta.

Jogjakarta by Topan Murdox is officially released on 3 Mar 2022 by Netrilis and independently selected by our editors.
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