Nostalgia SMA by Indy Rusady

Nostalgia SMA Indy Rusady cover art

This is an old song that is remade with a more modern touch to bring all the listeners from various generations to feel the sweet nostalgia from their high school moments. Who will not fall for recalling sweet memories about their first loves? This indie pop song will definitely become a good choice to bring its listeners to dive into their dearest past easily, feeling the good old days. 33 years ago, this was a popular song by its original singer, Paramitha Rusady, now her niece re-sings it in such a chick ambiance. The more modern music version will be a seducement for even more listeners from today’s generation.

Nostalgia SMA by Indy Rusady is officially released on 27 Feb 2022 by Netrilis and independently selected by our editors.
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