Generasi Rapuh by Zima

Generasi Rapuh Zima cover art

Zima is a 4 members-band that is phenomenal from Jogjakarta. Since they were once under Captain Jack’s name, they already have so many militant fans. After renaming their band, Generasi Rapuh comes out as their second single. More than that, a refreshing surprise is given to their fans through a fantastic collaboration. They collaborated with Bimacho, a vocalist of Bravesboy and Regal band. This combination becomes an essential value that makes this song very bizarre. Zima has its characteristics to voice up the social condition around them with scathing lyrics, along with the sound music rock and synth in their songs. This strong signature is then combined with hip-hop, which definitely makes it more distinct and captivating for both its fans and new listeners. This will not be limited to Jogjakarta fans only, but more areas will also be covered, for sure.

Generasi Rapuh by Zima is officially released on 8 Apr 2022 by Netrilis and independently selected by our editors.
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