Ngapura by Gerap Gurita

Ngapura Gerap Gurita cover art

Ngapura is a single from the upcoming EP, which brings a light but warm theme that everyone must often find about a conflict in a friendship. This handpick is even got playlisted on Spotify Playlist: Boso Jowo. Ngapura means apologizing in English. This song is unique since it is sung in Javanese, presenting the lyrics to apologize to some friends who might get hurt when in conflict. The music really poses Gerap Gurita’s signature: cross-over punk rock sometimes out of the grip with a surf rock touch and Celtic punk a la Boston bands, even Melayu sound. This will appeal to more listeners, as Gerap Gurita never gives only some good versions, but always their best shots for their music. This single was playlisted on Spotify's Boso Jowo playlist.

Ngapura by Gerap Gurita is officially released on 22 Apr 2022 by Netrilis and independently selected by our editors.
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