Ketika Cinta Memilih by Pagi dan Senja

Ketika Cinta Memilih Pagi dan Senja cover art

Pagi dan Senja releases their new song: Ketika Cinta Memilih. This handpick is a pop song with easy listening and chill music, also a rare voice color from the duet which presents a sweet harmony from the mushy lyrics. Although this is a love song, the nuance of the song is somehow cozy and warm, bringing its listeners feel more soothed after their tiring and long day to pass. This suits the Indonesian choice of a song if you like to chill just before another hectic day comes to you, to make you feel better facing the challenge.

Ketika Cinta Memilih by Pagi dan Senja is officially released on 1 Nov 2022 by Netrilis and independently selected by our editors.
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