Teh Gula Batu by Jees

Teh Gula Batu Jees cover art

Teh Gula Batu is a new single from Jees. This band chooses to bring a pop-rock song presenting a distinct situation to invite its listeners to enjoy a warm moment in a cup of tea with rock sugar in it. The music arrangement can really make this song feel so relaxing yet energetic to accompany its audience, indeed. Jees has their unique color and vibes in their songs, and this is what becomes a strong magnet that draws more listeners from the young generation in Indonesia, or even maybe around South East Asia. When you feel like relaxing, this song will be a perfect companion to choose.

Teh Gula Batu by Jees is officially released on 28 Oct 2022 by Netrilis and independently selected by our editors.
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