Nyaris Zona Abadi by Fian Perdana

Nyaris Zona Abadi Fian Perdana cover art

Nyaris Zona Abadi is the sixth song from Fian Perdana, dedicated to a farewell moment after a long relationship that is never easy for anyone. Despite just a ballad love song, this can be interpreted as a person living the dreams after a long bond with someone or even a thing that one has had not just in a short period of time. The lyrics and music are melancholic, simple, and blue with a touch of piano and cello. This pictures a story in which even a long togetherness can be separated by a certain decision, no matter how bitter it might be, some stories still leave sweet footsteps to remember.

Nyaris Zona Abadi by Fian Perdana is officially released on 9 Jan 2023 by Netrilis and independently selected by our editors.
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