Wanita Hebat by Raga Pratama

Wanita Hebat Raga Pratama cover art

Mom is the strongest figure and the core of the family, and she deserves the highest appreciation. Wanita Hebat is thus dedicated to all moms who always pour all they have and their energy into their loved ones. The lyrics express all the gratitude for every all the toil, sweat, and effort of mothers who sincerely do everything in the name of love for the family. The music is modest yet matches the vibes perfectly with piano and acoustic guitar sounds. This is a pure love relationship pictured in a song, which is perfectly sung by Raga Pratama that can color your music playlist about the ultimate love in life.

Wanita Hebat by Raga Pratama is officially released on 6 Jan 2023 by Netrilis and independently selected by our editors.
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